How Threat Model Automation Solves the Challenge for Small Development Teams in Large Organisations

How Threat Model Automation Solves the Challenge for  Small Development Teams in Large Organisations

In today's threat landscape, organisations must continuously monitor for new security threats to their products and proactively manage risk. One way to do this is by using threat modelling to proactively discover weaknesses in a product design. Sites like Twitter (X), used by over 300 million people monthly, need robust security and continuing product maintenance. However, despite being a huge business, Twitter (X) currently has a relatively small development staff who wouldn't find the current time-intensive complex threat modelling tools useful or efficient. Threat models should be created as part of the design of the software. Still, many development teams only perform threat modelling as a one-off activity, primarily due to the complexity of current threat model tools. 

Development teams could benefit from a lightweight, automated threat analysis process pre-and in-sprint. Lightweight threat analysis is a process that allows teams to take a quick look at their software architecture and 3rd-party dependencies and design endpoints to find potential security issues before and code is cut.  

Tutamantic's SaaS tool (Tutamen) is based on the popular open-source Rapid Threat Model Prototyping (RTMP) methodology and can effectively integrate into all development workflows (e.g.Agile). The output can be consumed by static analysis, ticketing, testing, and build orchestration tools.  

For small development teams in any size organisation, The Tutamen Threat Model Automator provides a quick and easy way to integrate threat modelling into their workflow. Developers can quickly generate models when they start new projects, such as epics, user stories or functionality. The model output can then be used to improve the security of the design and reduce project security risk.  

The lightweight nature of this approach makes it easy for a team to increase their security productivity within their regular development process. 

Reduce cyber risk exposure by identifying vulnerabilities during the design phase. Know your threats, and secure your system. 

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